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3 May 2010
I'm sorry I don't have a page up this week! I lost track of time and so a page is unavailable this week. The sketch is sitting in my hard drive, though. We'll see next week, until then!


27 April 2010
So on Monday we get a bit of dialogue going. I drew the two guys in the back hoping to feature more of the students in the class but I got a bit sidetracked and as a result, the guy (Frankie) was blocked out by the word balloons :P. Well at least you can all get entertained by the goth girl. Aren't I kind.

19 April 2010
Sorry about the late update! I got caught up with other stuff. Well, nothing much to say about this update, except that I've been wating for AGES to actually put this up somewhere. The idea sprung up so long ago in a far away and distant science class.
          Until next week!

12 April 2010
I'm going to try and aim for a fortnightly schedule. So check back next monday!

2 April 2010

       Just trying to fix the site a bit so I haven't been concentrating on the actual comic. I will try to get things done as soon as possible, until then,
 please try and bear with the awkward page setup. ^^'

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